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During today’s PMQ‘s Mr Alexander (Rt Hon Douglas Alexander Labour Paisley and Renfrewshire South) said with regards to the Europe debate:

“The Opposition understand that the real agenda on certain Government Benches is not only to bring powers back, but to take rights away.”

Our government’s hidden agenda, would almost without a doubt, affect not only workers rights but those of benefit claimants too. Rather than change their new system to make it more fair and reduce the amount of claimants that have to appeal, they could take away our right of appeal, and without the European Court Of Human Rights to oversee our government, they will have full reins over the fate of all of us in England, no matter which party is in charge in the future.

And lets not forget who brought in the changes to our benefit system, it was the previous Labour government. Labour may well be saying that they want to stay in Europe but do they really? But then how could they be in opposition government if they agreed with what the coalition want? As Labour are mostly funded by Unions, do they want them to have to start fighting for workers rights again, our country will be moving backwards! Do Labour also have a hidden agenda?

People  have fought for people’s rights for decades and these could be lost in a matter of a couple of years if not sooner. In a nutshell, if we pull out of Europe, we are all screwed….aren’t we???



Cameron and Co will yet take the credit over the next two years for a drop in youth unemployment!

However, this will be due to the fact that this years, school year 11’s will have to stay in education or training until they are 17 yrs old, which will take them out of the working age population, and then next years school year 11’s will have to stay in education or training until they are 18 yrs old. Thus taking another years worth of working age population out of the workforce making it look like the youth unemployment has gone down, but they are still in school/college/training!!!

I suppose this would be another way of fiddling the figures and twisting the truth, wouldn’t it???



Please take the time to read the following article, as it concerns the entire world….

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