Dispatches: Britain on benefits……Tonight Channel 4 8pm-8:30pm

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From sky.com: Channel 4 Dispatches: The Disability Living Allowance helps three million people with disabilities to work. Ade Adepitan examines government plans to reduce the number of claimants.

Sky channel 104 at 8pm-8:30pm & 135 Channel 4+1 at 9pm-9:30pm

From radiotimes.com:ABOUT THIS PROGRAMME

The Government is planning to stop giving Disability Living Allowance to more than half a million current claimants across the nation. Wheelchair basketball ace Ade Adepitan investigates what this will mean for those who will no longer receive it, and hears the opinions of disabled army veterans, workers and fellow Paralympians.



For anyone who missed Dispatches: Britain on Benefits you can ‘hopefully!’ watch it here:-



    • Thanks for the link, and I couldn’t agree more; where were they when we really needed them???

    • Maybe if a large portion, if not all of England’s Paralympian superstars had chosen to walk out of the games on day one of the paralympics; (especially as it was sponsored by ATOS) it would have been a great platform, a worldwide platform, to express all disabled people’s grievances about the cuts to benefits. I think that they would have got a lot more respect for that, than by winning any medals for our country.

      Did ATOS sponsor the paralympics on purpose as a political move to ensure that they also got the government contract to do the medical assessments for PIP? There are many huge global and British companies that could have been approached to sponsor this international event. ATOS purposefully pitted disabled people against disabled people, they exploited the paralympians to showcase to the media what (some) disabled people are capable of and then our government let the media run with it.

      Even media personnel and their families are not immune to disabilities, what if they or their children are born or become disabled, and then they get called scroungers and benefit cheats, but just like the Paralympians who had no way of foreseeing how their achievements would be twisted and used against the non-paralympian disabled people, the media also have no way of foreseeing what the future holds for them, except by what they choose to write next, as most of the population believe what is written in the news and the media are well aware of how they influence public opinion.


      I know this is a big ask, but maybe, just maybe, if some, if not all paralympians give back their medals in front of a media spotlight, people might wake up and see how the paralympians were manipulated by ATOS to gain public support for disability benefit cuts? Or is it too late now to show their support?

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