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the void

boycott-asdaA call has gone out to boycott supermarket chain ASDA due to their obscene profiteering from the current economic crisis and the increasing poverty faced by many of their customers.

ASDA are not only ones of the UK’s largest workfare exploiters, but have also  just been given a smart-card contract by Birmingham City Council.  This is the replacement for the Crisis Loan scheme, the small loans which were available to claimants and people on a low income in an emergency, such as having been a victim of theft.

These loans – which averaged around £60 per person and had to be repaid – have now been abolished by Iain Duncan Smith.  Instead local authorities are to provide this vital but fast disappearing support.

In Birmingham recipients of short term help will no longer be given cash, but instead a smart card which can only be spent at ASDA.  This…

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