Democracy Is A Mask For Dictatorship……

Posted: 14/04/2013 in POLITICS
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A Brief History Of Baroness Thatcher The Conservative Reality….

Margaret Hilda Thatcher, Baroness ThatcherLGOMPCFRS (née Roberts, 13 October 1925 – 8 April 2013)

She arrived at Oxford in 1943 and graduated in 1947 with Second-Class Honours in the four-year Chemistry Bachelor of Science degree; in her final year she specialised in X-ray crystallography under the supervision of Dorothy Hodgkin

Roberts became President of the Oxford University Conservative Association in 1946. She was influenced at university by political works such as Friedrich von Hayek‘s The Road to Serfdom (1944), which condemned economic intervention by government as a precursor to an authoritarian state.

After graduating, Roberts moved to Colchester in Essex to work as a research chemist for BX Plastics. In 1948, she applied for a job at ICI, but was rejected after the personnel department assessed her as “headstrong, obstinate and dangerously self-opinionated”.

She joined the local Conservative Association and attended the party conference at Llandudno in 1948, as a representative of the University Graduate Conservative Association. Officials of the association were so impressed by her that they asked her to apply, even though she was not on the Conservative party’s approved list: she was selected in January 1951 and added to the approved list post ante.


And the rest, as they say…is history….Thatcher was not even on the Conservative party’s ‘approved’ list, and in the end it was the Tory Party (her own cabinet and ‘friends’) that ultimately ended her career of being Prime Minister.

Lets take a quick look at what influenced Baroness Thatcher and her Conservative party and most regrettably New Labour; even now today…..

The Road to Serfdom is a book written by the Austrian-born economist and philosopher Friedrich von Hayek (1899–1992) between 1940–1943, in which he “warned of the danger of tyranny that inevitably results from government control of economic decision-making through central planning,” and in which he argues that the abandonment of individualism and classical liberalism inevitably leads to a loss of freedom, the creation of an oppressive society, the tyranny of a dictator and the serfdom of the individual.

The following 2 paragraphs are paraphrased with consent from Smiling Carcass’s Two-Penneth as I couldn’t have said it better

Baroness Thatcher said in an interview, when asked what she thought her greatest achievement was, said “New Labour”. That alone should tell us that Old Labour were right for the workers, the poor, the disabled and otherwise disenfranchised population.

It is also my opinion that Blair, and many of his Blairite co-conspirators were planted into the Labour party to make the change to New Labour, to ensure no ‘People’s Party’ would remove the protections and advantages handed to the wealthy and powerful at the expense of the poor. This is exactly what we are seeing- no effective opposition, a one party state of capitalists.

But as I have said before; under this Tory government we are being made to pay for the irresponsible behaviour of our Tory chancellor, with our taxes; and he still believes that his way is the right way.

Our great nation was built on the strength of a nations pride, and will be destroyed by ‘one’ man’s pride, George Osborne‘s.

It is my opinion that democracy is a mask for dictatorship as warned by the book “The Road To Serfdom”, and that is exactly how all politicians see the general population as serfs. We need at the very least a return to old labour and more rights for the workers and unions. What ever happened to people power, Labour power and power to the people from Labour…..We keep going to war because of dictators treating their people atrociously and yet we are not all that far from that ourselves….


  1. Steve Morris says:

    Ha! Do you really believe that Tony Blair was planted by Margaret Thatcher?

  2. When Tony Blair took over the Labour Party, the first thing he did was call it New Labour! There was nothing wrong with old Labour….All politicians of my generation have even admitted to being ‘Thatcher’s’ children.

    In 2001, Blair said, “We are a left of centre party, pursuing economic prosperity and social justice as partners and not as opposites”. Blair has rarely applied such labels to himself, but he promised before the 1997 election that New Labour would govern “from the radical centre”, and according to one lifelong Labour Party member, has always described himself as a social democrat. However, Labour Party backbenchers and other left wing critics typically place Blair to the right of centre. A YouGov opinion poll in 2005 also found that a small majority of British voters, including many New Labour supporters, place Blair on the right of the political spectrum.

    Even if Thatcher didn’t exactly ‘plant’ him there, she has most certainly influenced him and others in the Labour Party, far, far, too much for what was once a left wing party.

    They may change the horse at the next general election in 2015 but it will be pulling the same cart….so what’s the point…..we need a change!!!

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