EBOLA — Why EU why???

Posted: 09/10/2014 in Health, POLITICS
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I am amazed and extremely disturbed by the following statement that was on my BBC news app.

“The EU has announced plans for a system to evacuate international staff from Ebola-infected countries if they show signs of the disease. The evacuation system will allow patients to be flown within 48hrs to European hospitals ‘that are equipped to deal with the disease’ a statement from the European Commission said. The move is expected to make it easier to deploy European medical workers to combat the crisis in West Africa.”

Have they not learnt anything from the case of the nurse’s assistant Ms Teresa Romero; she worked at a European hospital that was ‘equipped to deal with the disease’ and had treated two missionaries who had contracted Ebola in Africa both of whom have since died from the disease. She took all the right precautions and followed all the protocols as far as we know, and yet still managed to contract the disease. Not only that but Ms Romero was sent home at least a couple of times from medical centres, it is not known if Ms Romero mentioned to these medical centres/hospitals that she had treated two Ebola patients. We don’t know if it even crossed her mind that she may have Ebola, because as far as she was aware she had taken all precautions so may not have even made the connection.

If a European hospital that was ‘equipped to deal with the disease’ couldn’t control the disease and keep it within their quarantine section of their facility and keep their staff safe and well, why have the European commission made the above statement ???

It makes no sense whatsoever!!!!     Just stop ALL travel to and from and within West Africa, despite the cost because the cost in lives will become a full-on world-wide epidemic just like the Spanish flu that killed millions after WW1.

If anyone has an answer…..please feel free to enlighten me!


  1. Stopping air travel to West Africa should have been done months ago. The longer politicians dither the more danger Britain is in.

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