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How unemployment figures are worked out, according to the Office for National Statistics. (ONS)

Understanding unemployment:

((A person is classed as unemployed if not only out of work, but also actively looking for work and available to start work within a fortnight

Unemployment figures are based on a survey carried out by the Office for National Statistics. They show the average number of people unemployed over a three-month period

A new survey is done every month, but comparisons are made between separate three-month periods, not overlapping ones. e.g. April-June v Jan-March, not April-June v March-May

The ONS also publishes the claimant count which shows the number of people receiving Jobseeker’s Allowance (JSA) in a particular month. That figure comes from information supplied by the Department for Work and Pensions

The unemployment figure is higher than the claimant count as many jobseekers do not or cannot claim JSA The two main measures can sometimes move in different directions. A change in benefits rules moving people on to JSA from another benefit, for example, would increase the claimant count without a corresponding increase in unemployment.))

Yesterday in the House of Commons Debates during questions about the Treasury regarding Employment Trends The Economic Secretary to the Treasury, Andrea Leadsom said the following in response to a question from David Burrowes “Under this Government, we have just seen the biggest drop in unemployment ever. In particular, long-term unemployment and youth unemployment are dropping fast, giving hope, prospects and a decent wage to so many in our country.”, and in response to a question from Helen Jones “A lot of the particularly big increases in employment have been among very young and older workers, who tend to earn less, but is not that great news for the longer-term prospects of those young people, who are off the unemployment register and developing skills for the future”

‘Those people’ that are on training schemes and are not counted as unemployed this proves that the government have not created the thousands of jobs that they claim to have done.

long-term unemployment and youth unemployment are dropping fast,”

“big increases in employment have been among very young and older workers,”

“young people, who are off the unemployment register and developing skills for the future”

In my opinion, unemployment is not dropping fast and employment is not increasing either. People are stuck in a never ending cycle of training, there isn’t the jobs out there for these people when they complete their training so the job centre recycle them back onto another training scheme. That way they are not counted as unemployed, but they are not in paid employment either. We’ll end up having a nation of well trained workers and still no real jobs.



I am amazed and extremely disturbed by the following statement that was on my BBC news app.

“The EU has announced plans for a system to evacuate international staff from Ebola-infected countries if they show signs of the disease. The evacuation system will allow patients to be flown within 48hrs to European hospitals ‘that are equipped to deal with the disease’ a statement from the European Commission said. The move is expected to make it easier to deploy European medical workers to combat the crisis in West Africa.”

Have they not learnt anything from the case of the nurse’s assistant Ms Teresa Romero; she worked at a European hospital that was ‘equipped to deal with the disease’ and had treated two missionaries who had contracted Ebola in Africa both of whom have since died from the disease. She took all the right precautions and followed all the protocols as far as we know, and yet still managed to contract the disease. Not only that but Ms Romero was sent home at least a couple of times from medical centres, it is not known if Ms Romero mentioned to these medical centres/hospitals that she had treated two Ebola patients. We don’t know if it even crossed her mind that she may have Ebola, because as far as she was aware she had taken all precautions so may not have even made the connection.

If a European hospital that was ‘equipped to deal with the disease’ couldn’t control the disease and keep it within their quarantine section of their facility and keep their staff safe and well, why have the European commission made the above statement ???

It makes no sense whatsoever!!!!     Just stop ALL travel to and from and within West Africa, despite the cost because the cost in lives will become a full-on world-wide epidemic just like the Spanish flu that killed millions after WW1.

If anyone has an answer…..please feel free to enlighten me!


The battle is over…let the War Begin.

By Val Whyte
from Esin Nalbantoğlu;
For the past few days, peaceful Turkish citizens have been protesting the demolition of Taksim Gezi Park, one of the few green areas left in the center of Istanbul. The plan by the Erdogan-run AKP government is to build a large shopping center instead, benefitting his own interests and filling his own pockets.What started with a mere 100 protestors turned into tens of thousands over the course of a few days. People camped out in the park, sang songs, read books, danced. I was there yesterday and it was heartwarming.

Prime Minister Erdogan made a public announcement two days ago stating, ‘We have made up our minds’, and that nothing will stop his plans to destroy the park.

He subsequently ordered his police forces to attack protestors in the park using water cannons and tear gas without warning in the early hours of the morning. This has been happening for the past two days, and continues as I write these words. Tents were burned, innocent citizens were dragged away and people had tear gas sprayed directly into their faces.

Innocent people are being attacked, injured and hospitalized. There are unofficial reports of one person being dead with his ID confiscated by officials (an eerie replay of the May 1 attacks when an innocent young girl was put into a coma due to tear gas attacks. This girl was later labeled by the government as a terrorist)

This has become a matter about more than just saving trees. This is an ‘I can do whatever I damn well want’, fascist mentality that not only supresses but attacks its own people.

To make matters worse, media channels are being censored so as not to display the news.

#direngeziparki is now the 2nd worldwide trending topic on Twitter.

As our friends overseas, we need your help. Send this message to everyone you know. Create awareness internationally about our plight, or matters are going to get much, much worse. We want all international media channels – soclal and mass – to report this news.

Please help us to share this message and stop Erdogan’s ruthless, inhumane acts.

What you can do:
– Forward this message to everyone you know
– Send your support messages through twitter with the #direngeziparki hashtag
– Tag @bbc @cnn @reuters and other large media channels in these posts
– Post this message on facebook
– Let your local and national media channels know

A Brief History Of Baroness Thatcher The Conservative Reality….

Margaret Hilda Thatcher, Baroness ThatcherLGOMPCFRS (née Roberts, 13 October 1925 – 8 April 2013)

She arrived at Oxford in 1943 and graduated in 1947 with Second-Class Honours in the four-year Chemistry Bachelor of Science degree; in her final year she specialised in X-ray crystallography under the supervision of Dorothy Hodgkin

Roberts became President of the Oxford University Conservative Association in 1946. She was influenced at university by political works such as Friedrich von Hayek‘s The Road to Serfdom (1944), which condemned economic intervention by government as a precursor to an authoritarian state.

After graduating, Roberts moved to Colchester in Essex to work as a research chemist for BX Plastics. In 1948, she applied for a job at ICI, but was rejected after the personnel department assessed her as “headstrong, obstinate and dangerously self-opinionated”.

She joined the local Conservative Association and attended the party conference at Llandudno in 1948, as a representative of the University Graduate Conservative Association. Officials of the association were so impressed by her that they asked her to apply, even though she was not on the Conservative party’s approved list: she was selected in January 1951 and added to the approved list post ante.


And the rest, as they say…is history….Thatcher was not even on the Conservative party’s ‘approved’ list, and in the end it was the Tory Party (her own cabinet and ‘friends’) that ultimately ended her career of being Prime Minister.

Lets take a quick look at what influenced Baroness Thatcher and her Conservative party and most regrettably New Labour; even now today…..

The Road to Serfdom is a book written by the Austrian-born economist and philosopher Friedrich von Hayek (1899–1992) between 1940–1943, in which he “warned of the danger of tyranny that inevitably results from government control of economic decision-making through central planning,” and in which he argues that the abandonment of individualism and classical liberalism inevitably leads to a loss of freedom, the creation of an oppressive society, the tyranny of a dictator and the serfdom of the individual.

The following 2 paragraphs are paraphrased with consent from Smiling Carcass’s Two-Penneth as I couldn’t have said it better

Baroness Thatcher said in an interview, when asked what she thought her greatest achievement was, said “New Labour”. That alone should tell us that Old Labour were right for the workers, the poor, the disabled and otherwise disenfranchised population.

It is also my opinion that Blair, and many of his Blairite co-conspirators were planted into the Labour party to make the change to New Labour, to ensure no ‘People’s Party’ would remove the protections and advantages handed to the wealthy and powerful at the expense of the poor. This is exactly what we are seeing- no effective opposition, a one party state of capitalists.

But as I have said before; under this Tory government we are being made to pay for the irresponsible behaviour of our Tory chancellor, with our taxes; and he still believes that his way is the right way.

Our great nation was built on the strength of a nations pride, and will be destroyed by ‘one’ man’s pride, George Osborne‘s.

It is my opinion that democracy is a mask for dictatorship as warned by the book “The Road To Serfdom”, and that is exactly how all politicians see the general population as serfs. We need at the very least a return to old labour and more rights for the workers and unions. What ever happened to people power, Labour power and power to the people from Labour…..We keep going to war because of dictators treating their people atrociously and yet we are not all that far from that ourselves….


What a load of pompous parliamentary puppets, I’ve rarely heard such incredulous superficial aristocratic brown-nosing speeches from our government with regards to anyone who has died, as they have, over the death of Baroness Thatcher

Miliband: Thatcher was ‘unique and towering’

Labour leader Ed Miliband described Margaret Thatcher as a “unique and towering figure” who “defined her age” during a warm tribute in the House of Commons. Speaking in front of busy, but not packed, Labour benches he said:

“Whatever your view of her, Margaret Thatcher was a unique and towering figure.

“I disagreed with much of what she did but I respect what her death means for many, many people who admired her and I honour her personal achievements.

“Today we also remember a prime minister who defined her age.”

Paddy Ashdown: Thatcher greatest PM of our age

Former leader of the Liberal Democrats Paddy Ashdown paid a thoughtful tribute to Baroness Thatcher in the House of Lords this afternoon, giving personal anecdotes about their relationship and praising the former prime minister as “the greatest of our age.” He said:

“If politics is defined, and I think it can be, by principles, the courage to hold to them, and the ability to drive them through with success, then she was without a doubt the commanding politician and the greatest prime minister of our age.”

Norman Tebbit pays emotional tribute to Thatcher

Thatcher’s former cabinet minister Norman Tebbit paid an emotional tribute to his old boss and friend in the House of Commons today.

He spoke movingly of the support she provided his family after he and his wife were injured in an IRA bomb attack at the Grand Hotel in Brighton. He praised her courage and popularity, and reflected on her demise, saying:

“I left her, I fear at the mercy of her friends, that I do regret.”   “


Even her ‘friends’ turned against Baroness Thatcher when she was Prime Minister when her own cabinet ousted her from government before she could do even more damage to the country.

There were few honest words spoken with regards to the brutal reality that faced millions of people that had to deal with the cuts under the last Tory government but here is one:


Labour MP: Thatcher caused ‘pain and suffering’

MP David Winnick criticised the “human cost” of Thatcher’s policies, and said MPs should be free to criticise her time in government.

The veteran Labour MP, who was first elected to parliament in 1966 said it would be hypocritical for him not to voice his thoughts on the “brutal contempt” with which she treated “millions of working people.” In an impassioned speech in the House of Commons he said:

“What was done under her premiership, the way in which the policies that have been praised here today were carried out, in my view, and indeed the view of these benches at the time, were highly damaging and caused immense pain and suffering to ordinary people.”


Now with all the current round of taxes, cuts and caps it is not only ordinary people that are suffering, but the most vulnerable people of our crumbling society, the disabled, and yet the government are going to spend X amount of money, probably hundreds of thousands of pounds if not a million or even more than that on a ‘Ceremonial Funeral with Full Military Honours’.  How dare they…..How…. Dare…. They!!!

The loudest protest that could easily be done and would be heard and would be seen (or rather not seen) by the international media that will be covering this pompous procession is to do absolutely……… NOTHING……………BOYCOTT the Iron Lady’s funeral, may she ‘rust’ sorry ‘rest’ in peace…….this means don’t watch it on TV either, and hopefully the streets will look as empty as the following video….

If the streets are full of people for the funeral procession, even if only to see the Queen and other high ranking officials and celebrities, then that footage will be used by historians in the future to prove that Baroness Thatcher was well liked and respected and was good for the country which is blatantly wrong, the historians, like our government will and are creating a false history.


This is brilliant…..


FM  🙂

Our government over the last two weeks have been handed the Truth And Lies Report, signed by some 43 Bishops, the  House Of Lords have asked parliament to look again at their proposals regarding the nations budget and even financial experts have told George Osborne that his budget proposals are unworkable…….

And still parliament are not listening to the church, the Lords or financial experts…..don’t you think that it is time for a vote of no-confidence in our current government????

The 9th March Summit.

Stop the Benefit Cuts

Saturday 9th March – 11am at the University of London Union (ULU)

Malet St, London WC1E 7HY

The Campaign for Benefit Justice is uniting all those opposed to devastating benefit cuts. By linking up we can challenge the Government’s divide and rule tactics and unite the 99% of people hit by these cuts. This summit will bring together disabled people, tenants, unemployed , trade unions, students, pensioners, single parents, and others to oppose benefit cuts.

The venue is fully-accessible for wheelchair users – for other access needs, please contact

Cut rents, not benefits

Can’t pay, won’t pay

Can’t move, won’t move

If you plan to attend, please register at

From the BBC:

A Pdf document of the report itself is available here Truth-And-Lies-Report……

Although the focus is on poverty and welfare in general, disability features prominently. All credit to the churches involved:

Thought provoking, well worth the read!!!

If after reading this you wish to help by signing the following petition then please do so, as it only takes a few seconds.

Many Thanks