Idle Thoughts and Poetry…..

Dumb Animals In The Mirror….

Whoever it was that thought up the term dumb animals, should take a look in the mirror.

Animals do not destroy the very planet they depend upon to live out their natural, normal existence.

Next time you want to see a dumb animal….

Look In The Mirror!


An Angel (Ode To Princess Diana)….

She came into our lives, and touched our hearts,

Maybe that’s why, I’m falling apart,

She came like an angel, and showed us the way,

Maybe that’s why, I’m here today.

She gave so much pride, to all that she met,

I’m sure she would have, no regrets,

To do it again, she probably would,

Do even more, than she possibly could,

If a lesson be learned, then let it be,

Compassion to man, for eternity.


Born To Die, Not To Lie….

A fact of life, is we’re born to die,

Some of us live, and some of us lie.

The truth at times, is hard to take,

It can tell a tale, of heartache.

It can tell a tale, of people and places,

It can tell a tale, of unsolved cases.

Lies and deceit, are worse I fear,

And once you start, the end’s never clear.

The one way out, is to tell the truth,

Even if it leaves you, feeling bruised.

The pain of a lie, can hurt even more,

So tell the facts, and get to the core.

If things get too much, you just have to say,

Don’t bottle things up, and then run away.

To have a clear conscience, is a far greater thing,

Than to live a life, by constant lying.

So when we go, to our place of rest,

We’ll know that we’ve tried, to do our best.



Wherever you come from, whatever your culture,

Body language and expressions, are the same the world over.

If the speech is different, and you don’t understand,

Show what you mean, use your face and your hands.

If you persist, you may eventually find,

You have the same ideas, and thoughts in mind.

We can all get along, if only we try,

if we don’t give up, or start to cry.

If you want to know, what I’m trying to say,

Watch my hands and my face, and you’ll be on your way.



Fluffy, wispy, grey and white clouds,

Ever changing, always moving, swirling all around,

Floating south, then east and north,

Being blown along, their winding course.

White clouds appear friendly, all, so at peace,

Grey clouds at war, that never looks to cease.

Creating patterns, forming shapes as they go,

While I watch them all, from my window.


Day Dreamer….

Day dreaming I was a bird, flying high up in the sky.

Above the trees, with fields below, then on to mountains across the stream.

I carried on until I heard, some-one calling me, and that awoke me from my dream.

As I returned to things around me, I thought back to how I’d like to be,

As free as that bird, so high in the sky,

Without a care in the world, and I know why.

I’d like to be, without stress and frustration,

I’d like to have, some relaxation.

To get away, from trouble and strife,

To be like that bird, and have a free life.


Dream Counsellor….

Breaking through the barriers of life,

Fear and phobias that cut like a knife.

Dreams and ambitions, when you sleep,

Facing emotions, buried deep.

To escape from the world around you,

Just go to sleep, so dreams can find you.

We deal with emotions, before we begin,

Tackling problems, from within.


Fighting Back….

Fighting back, and getting nowhere,

Just keep on fighting, and you will get there.

To see your dreams and ambitions come true,

No-one can help you, it’s up to you.

To climb over hurdles, that life throws your way,

To fight back temptations, that lead you astray.

To attain your ambitions, fight all the way through,

Those temptations and hurdles, it’s over to you.



All you can do,

Is keep plodding through.

Through fire and storm,

Keep nice and warm,

Through ice and cold,

Just try to stay bold.

Do all you can do,

To keep plodding through.


  1. Wonderful poems! If you want to look at my recent poems feel free to check out on Blogger.

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