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Prime Minister David Cameron was heckled on Friday evening at a Christmas lights ceremony in Witney by several people angry at the impact of welfare reforms and cuts. The protesters read the names and details of people who had died as a result of these policies, and held placards accusing Cameron of having “blood on his hands”.
Security were pretty quick to jump on us. One woman was violently arrested, while other security guards responded by dragging and shoving protesters and seizing a megaphone.

“It’s sickening that a man responsible for the deaths of so many vulnerable people can play Santa at events like this” said Fran Yarnton. “Meanwhile huge numbers of disabled people are suffering from depression, self-harm and even suicide as a result of having their benefits cut or refused.”

[1] A poll of GPs found that 6% of GPs had patients who had committed (or attempted) suicide as a result of undergoing (or fear of undergoing) the WCA (Work Capability Assessment). 14% of GPs had patients who had self-harmed as a result of the WCA, and 21% of GPs had patients who had considered suicide because of the test:

[2] A few of the most well-known deaths and suicides resulting from welfare reform are documented at:

[3] Figures release under the Freedom of Information Act reveal that between January and November 2011, 2200 people died while waiting to be assessed for ESA (Employment Support Allowance), while 1300 people died after being assigned to the WRAG (Work-Related Activity Group), which indicates that the authorities believe they may be able to undertake some work with support. The DWP claims to have no statistics on the number of people who die after being judged “fit for work”.

[4] Around 424000 people are currently waiting to be assessed:

[5] The mental health charity Mind reported “seeing extremely unwell people, who have only recently been discharged from psychiatric services, being found fit for work”. The charity’s branch in Oxford has supported more than 100 people through the appeals process over the past year, 90% of whom have seen the decision that they were fit for work overturned.

[6] More than 70 first-hand accounts of the ESA process are included in The People’s Review of the Work Capability Assessment, a comprehensive analysis of this system and the policy objectives which fuel it:


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Not surprisingly the UK press haven’t made as big a deal of this fire as they did over the factory fire in Pakistan this week.

I’ve seen no TV coverage on this most tragic of accidents that killed many disabled people.

Just as our government are forcing many disabled people into work!

26 November 2012 Last updated at 20:37
Firefighters wore breathing apparatus as they tried to rescue people

Fourteen people have been killed and eight injured in a major fire at a workshop for disabled people in south-western Germany. The blaze occurred at the centre run by the Caritas charity in the Black Forest town of Titisee-Neustadt, some 40km (25 miles) east of Freiburg. About 50 people were believed to be in the building when the fire started. The cause is unclear, but local media reports that there may have been an explosion in a store room. The centre is reportedly used for woodwork and metalwork, but it is not known whether there were any flammable materials on site. ‘Devastating’

The blaze occurred at about 14:00 local time (13:00 GMT), and flames were first spotted on the roof of the modern three-storey building. Alexander Widmaier, of the local fire department, said his firefighters were on the scene within six minutes but a “massive” amount of smoke had filled the building “extremely quickly”. More than 100 firefighters backed by helicopters tackled the blaze – some, wearing breathing apparatus, braved the thick smoke to rescue a number of people trapped inside. But police confirmed that not every one made it out. “We can tell you that we have 14 dead. The process of identification is ongoing,” local police spokesman Karl-Heinz Schmid told N24 television. He said it would “take days” for the investigation to get to the cause of the fire. The number of wounded has risen from seven to eight, but none are thought to be suffering from life-threatening injuries.


The centre is run by Caritas, a relief organisation affiliated with the Catholic Church, and offers a range of workshops to people with both mental and physical disabilities. “We know the colleagues at the scene will do everything to find out the cause for this terrible event,” Caritas president Peter Neher was quoted by AFP news agency as saying. Police have spoken of the bewilderment of many of the survivors by what had happened. The town’s mayor Armin Hinterseh said the buildings were quite new. “It is devastating. We now have to find out how it happened,” he told the local daily Badische Zeitung. German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s spokesman said on Twitter that she was “shocked” by the loss of so many lives.

Please help DPAC and Mr Samuel Miller, fight for our justice, by reading and replying to his plea on the following link;…d-for-justice/

“I want to appeal for anyone who has lost a loved one because of the DWP/Atos work capability assessment system to get in touch with Mr Miller. He needs to know the verdict that was reached at the inquests into their deaths.
His email address is

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