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Who on earth was that blonde woman who just said that approximately 50% of people on DLA don’t have corroborating medical evidence???

She then said “We’ve got to put this right!” I think she should check that ‘fact’ and get her information ‘Right’

Even David Cameron would have needed medical evidence for his (Now Deceased) son’s DLA!

And where is the argument for people with learning disabilities? so far this program has only dealt with physical disabilities!

Aha ok, it was Esther McVey!┬áThat woman hasn’t a clue. She also thinks so many disabled people will magically be better and not need PIP.

Having watched this entire program, how can Esther McVey not know about the ‘Right Payment Programme’ for the periodic re-testing of those on an indefinite award of DLA.

It’s more likely that she didn’t want to let on about it to the general public that we are systematically re-assessed because it makes her case for PIP look weaker. Having had many of these re-assessments since the inception of DLA, it would disarm her claim that we are “on this for life without being looked at again” if she had mentioned it.

Isn’t not mentioning it the same as lying to the public and the media???

And as for Baroness Tani Grey-Thompson DBE, she’s in a cushy little job with a whopping salary and a title to boot! She didn’t show any understanding towards the point of view this program was trying to convey. Whether she claims DLA herself or not, she doesn’t need it as she is well enough off even without it!

And what happened to learning disabilities? Dispatches need to do another program like this one, but with the focus on people with learning disabilities.



From Channel 4 Dispatches: The Disability Living Allowance helps three million people with disabilities to work. Ade Adepitan examines government plans to reduce the number of claimants.

Sky channel 104 at 8pm-8:30pm & 135 Channel 4+1 at 9pm-9:30pm


The Government is planning to stop giving Disability Living Allowance to more than half a million current claimants across the nation. Wheelchair basketball ace Ade Adepitan investigates what this will mean for those who will no longer receive it, and hears the opinions of disabled army veterans, workers and fellow Paralympians.



For anyone who missed Dispatches: Britain on Benefits you can ‘hopefully!’ watch it here:-