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Our government over the last two weeks have been handed the Truth And Lies Report, signed by some 43 Bishops, the  House Of Lords have asked parliament to look again at their proposals regarding the nations budget and even financial experts have told George Osborne that his budget proposals are unworkable…….

And still parliament are not listening to the church, the Lords or financial experts…..don’t you think that it is time for a vote of no-confidence in our current government????


A backbone buried in a car park has been confirmed as that of the Liberal Democrat leader, Nick Clegg.

The spine has been missing since May 2010, its whereabouts unknown until this week.

Historians say that the discovery of the backbone also indicates that Clegg was born with one face, as opposed to the two we are used to seeing him with.

“It’s amazing to see what he looks like with a spine and just one face. It’s like you could just talk to him, have a conversation with him right now,” said Lib Dem party member Philippa Liberally. “Of course, he’d ignore everything you say and mutter something about having to make compromises when you’re in government… But still.”

“He’s normally just bones, just a body,” added historian Paddy Ashdown-Hill. “But now that I’ve seen this reconstruction, he’s really come to life. I felt almost in the presence of an actual, living Liberal Democrat.”

The backbone was discovered in a pub car park, where David Cameron‘s daughter was also found in 2012. Fortunately, she had only been missing for 15 minutes.


If we disabled people have to keep on proving that we are still worthy of support from the government, then shouldn’t MP’s have to retake their exams to prove that they are also still worthy of our support!!!If they fail then they should be sanctioned and/or kicked out of government.

Maybe we should start an e-petition to put this idea through parliament???

Maybe if ATOS had to assess their capability to run the country?