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She came into our lives, and touched our hearts,

Maybe that’s why, I’m falling apart,

She came like an angel, and showed us the way,

Maybe that’s why, I’m here today.

She gave so much pride, to all that she met,

I’m sure she would have, no regrets,

To do it again, she probably would,

Do even more, than she possibly could,

If a lesson be learned, then let it be,

Compassion to man, for eternity.



YouTubers are destroying the gaming world and gaming fans brains by uploading video gaming walkthroughs sometimes referred to as let’s plays or Lp’s.

Once a fan has watched said video on YouTube then they either lose interest in wanting to play it ¬†and then don’t bother to buy the game or if they do buy and play the game that they just watched, then they don’t need to use their brains as much, as they already know exactly what to do. It takes the puzzle solving and strategy aspect of the game, out of it, thereby rendering the game unchallenging.

The by-product of this is that there is no point (from a parents point of view) in buying the game as it will be completed in next-to no time at all. So where’s the value for money there….

Children’s brains are being reduced to mush by watching these video as they then don’t need to work out the games for themselves….They’re getting lazy brains!

Just ban YouTube you say! Then the parent is the baddie for banning the watching of these videos. I am soooo peeved of with these so called game gurus who mostly look to be in their late teens – early twenties and still live with their parents, sat in their bedrooms playing computer games and probably never held down a real job!

At end of the day, the children get lazy, the parents are baddies and the games companies are not selling as many games as they could do, so really these type of YouTube videos are anti-advertising, or even negative advertising.