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How unemployment figures are worked out, according to the Office for National Statistics. (ONS)

Understanding unemployment:

((A person is classed as unemployed if not only out of work, but also actively looking for work and available to start work within a fortnight

Unemployment figures are based on a survey carried out by the Office for National Statistics. They show the average number of people unemployed over a three-month period

A new survey is done every month, but comparisons are made between separate three-month periods, not overlapping ones. e.g. April-June v Jan-March, not April-June v March-May

The ONS also publishes the claimant count which shows the number of people receiving Jobseeker’s Allowance (JSA) in a particular month. That figure comes from information supplied by the Department for Work and Pensions

The unemployment figure is higher than the claimant count as many jobseekers do not or cannot claim JSA The two main measures can sometimes move in different directions. A change in benefits rules moving people on to JSA from another benefit, for example, would increase the claimant count without a corresponding increase in unemployment.))

Yesterday in the House of Commons Debates during questions about the Treasury regarding Employment Trends The Economic Secretary to the Treasury, Andrea Leadsom said the following in response to a question from David Burrowes “Under this Government, we have just seen the biggest drop in unemployment ever. In particular, long-term unemployment and youth unemployment are dropping fast, giving hope, prospects and a decent wage to so many in our country.”, and in response to a question from Helen Jones “A lot of the particularly big increases in employment have been among very young and older workers, who tend to earn less, but is not that great news for the longer-term prospects of those young people, who are off the unemployment register and developing skills for the future”

‘Those people’ that are on training schemes and are not counted as unemployed this proves that the government have not created the thousands of jobs that they claim to have done.

long-term unemployment and youth unemployment are dropping fast,”

“big increases in employment have been among very young and older workers,”

“young people, who are off the unemployment register and developing skills for the future”

In my opinion, unemployment is not dropping fast and employment is not increasing either. People are stuck in a never ending cycle of training, there isn’t the jobs out there for these people when they complete their training so the job centre recycle them back onto another training scheme. That way they are not counted as unemployed, but they are not in paid employment either. We’ll end up having a nation of well trained workers and still no real jobs.


The Prime Minister David Cameron said during PMQ‘s on Wed 19/12/12 that, unemployment has dropped by another 60,000 people…….BUT???

“What happens if a claimant’s JSA is stopped?

If the claimant’s JSA is stopped because they have failed to meet their responsibilities, they must still attend the Jobcentre for their fortnightly jobsearch review, and attend any appointments to avoid losing benefit for a longer period.”

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However, I was wondering whether or not, those that are having their benefits sanctioned are counted in the numbers used for the statistics quoted by David Cameron. If their benefits are being sanctioned then they are not in receipt of any benefit payment, therefore, not in receipt of benefit, thus adding to the number of those no longer claiming benefit. Therefore, it would look like more people are in work as benefit claimant numbers have gone down.

He may well be cooking the books, so to speak, with regards to the unemployment statistics!